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Social Media & Copywriting

From copywriting to covering live events via social media - to analytics and idea generating, scheduling, blogging and write ups for websites - I have experience in pre, during and post social media marketing; both organic and paid. I use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for Business.

Photography Retouching

Whether it be high-end beauty retouching with detailed skin work, adjustable layers and colour treatments or fast-paced, natural and consistent edits of E-commerce products; I am proficient in both of these trades. Software used is Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Art & Design

Traditional fine art - such as drawing, painting and mixed media - is one of my strengths. Although, I can also create digital art and design with a purpose by adhering to marketing specifications, not to mention 3D models for games production using Autodesk Maya and more! Wacom tablet proficient.

Project Management

If you need a problem solver who is full of ideas - or just a spare pair of hands to provide admin support, write reports or research, I have you covered. From drafting plans to organising files, co-ordinating tasks and holding mini workshops or fixing an issue you have never experienced before - I have done a bit of it all. Slack, Trello and Google Drive are great collaborative tools.

Website Testing & Editing

After setting up portfolio and work projects; not to mention testing client websites, there are many things I have learned. One is that when looking at the same website for a while, often you don't notice obvious mistakes! That is why a fresh set of eyes is beneficial. User feedback is key. I am proficient in event listing, blog posting, SEO and uploading media via Wordpress.


Customer service skills are essential, but not everyone has excellent communication. Understanding positioning and ethics of a brand is important. I aim to be as transparent and professional as possible, so if you want to work with someone who is down to earth and good with people, then look no further. Your feedback and ideas are valuable. Let's collaborate?

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