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Procrastination Page

Hello! Secret page here, I reside only at the bottom of this website tucked away in a corner. I’m something Aleena likes to hide, but don’t tell her I said this – she procrastinates too!

Maybe you feel shouldn’t really be on this page – but really, you should – because we all end up sidetracked or overworked once in a while…

This essentially is the de-stress section of my website to get you to relax or cheer up in order to get that creative brain of yours in gear again.

Some of the interactive contents on this page get you to focus and think on that particular subject so that you immerse yourself in another dimension for a while, which I think really helps you to refocus your energy afterwards. It is fun and games – but with a work-related, creative twist – so don’t feel bad about being here! Think of it as a learning and wellbeing resource. You might gain some inspiration or spark an idea unexpectedly… or at least have some fun…

Did you know: The world’s fastest supercomputer requires 24 million Watts of power to operate, but our brains only require 20 Watts and operate about 100,000 times faster.

Source: Short Sleeve & Tie Club

What is ‘Procrastination’?

I was procrastinating in class at college, until my tutor came over and asked “what are you doing and why is it taking so long?”… “I can’t think!” was my answer. “I want to do it, but don’t know or can’t decide what’s the best way.” He replied “you are procrastinating. Let me show you all something…”

So here it is, the video that he showed;

Get up or get out! Try out these physical games and tasks

Big disclaimer – make sure you’re not getting yourself into trouble! Let someone know you have to make an important call, speak to someone urgently or that you’re just not having a good day. Don’t start doing office parkour when your team have the busiest day of the year – or when the CEO is watching your stunts (not everyone appreciates you jumping over their desk screaming PARKOUR).

Desk-based task: play ‘I Spy’, ‘Spot the difference’ or a similar style game that gets you thinking.

Digital/physical task: ring a friend – or make that important call you’ve not had the chance to. Your personal life matters too!

Physical/desk-based task: eat or drink something – water helps wake you up and focus. Give yourself the time to appreciate a tea or coffee for a caffeine boost, reach for something healthy… or go to that vending machine once every while – just don’t make it too much of a habit. Have your breakfast or lunch if you haven’t had the chance. It can help you re-focus, reduce eye strain and wake up.

Digital task: play one of my games! Or if you want to be useful, test my website and send me some feedback?

Digital task: remember that night out or social you went to? Have a scroll through your photos, maybe text a friend to organise your next day or night out – or send them a funny photo!

Physical task: Go for a walk – bring a drink, friend, headphones or just yourself – but GET OUT if you have been sat at your desk or inside for most of the day.