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A sincere thank you…

A sincere thank you to clients, colleagues, and friends for their support and help which has led me to where I am today. This page is dedicated to doing a big shout out to people and companies I highly recommend below…

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Colin Boulter of Neilson Reeves for providing photography retouching resources and invaluable advice, not to mention the beautiful photographs for me to practice my skills on.

Special thank you to Ihtezaz Anwar for his continued advice and support in regards to the creation of this website (not to mention; being a great colleague of mine too. Check out his work on MCR Greater).

Where needed, he has helped fix technical issues, as well as added and edited elements of custom code to help supercharge this very site. Go Ihte! 🚀

SharpFutures and ‘People On Demand’ (POD); both as a company and individual colleagues, for helping me develop my professionalism in order to reach my potential. If you’re young, creative, and looking for a new opportunity in the sector, I can’t recommend enough that you check ’em out!

Everything I do is a result of all the amazing things I have learned from the great people around me.

In order to be successful, I believe in sharing knowledge and spreading positivity; as it influences others to do the same.”

Aleena Sharif