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The Story of MCR Greater: The Design, Development & Creation

The Story of MCR Greater: The Design, Development & Creation

I have been lucky enough to work for social enterprise; SharpFutures, that specializes in helping young people into careers within the creative and digital sector.

Whilst working there, I was often given a lot of responsibility and also the chance to implement some of my ideas to make new ideas into projects and campaigns. One of the key things I worked on – which I am quite proud of – is MCR Greater. Read on if you would like to find out more and how I was involved.

What is MCR Greater?

MCR Greater is a free, collaborative listings website for Creative, Digital and Tech learning events across Greater Manchester.

The aim is to provide an easily searchable resource for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Families and anyone else interested in developing their digital skills at free to attend events.

Who created it or was involved?

MCR Greater has been developed by three key individuals from SharpFutures – Myself, Aleena Sharif; the project and social media manager, Ihtezaz Anwar; the website developer and technical lead, and Lewis Marsh; the graphic designer and branding consultant.

Where can I read ‘The Story of MCR Greater’ blog?

The blog is a story from our perspectives as individuals who made this idea a reality. We detail the challenges faced and our experiences along the way in which you can read about by clicking here.

MPA Awards shortlist 2018

We are also pleased that #MCRGreater has been shortlisted for the Martyn Hett Inspiring Manchester Award via the MPA Inspiration Awards 2018.

Wristbands for schools, colleges and students

Thanks to our supporters

A special thanks to Rose Marley; CEO of SharpFutures, Apprentices Lydia GermanZain Sattar and Amy Williams, as well as SharpFutures POD for their support and contributions.

Also tenants of  The Sharp Project  Planet AmazingInspyro (formerly Computeam), Silverchip and 8 Networks for the advice and support throughout the development of this project.

Find out more & get involved

If you would like to be involved with working on MCR GreaterSharpFutures Discover offer a work experience programme in which pupils are given the chance to work on our live website. Find out how you can get involved in MCR Greater via work experience by clicking here.

SharpFutures POD also provides assistance to the MCR Greater team – find out how you can become a POD member and work with us by clicking here.

Find out more about MCR Greater via Twitter @MCR_Greater and

If you would like to submit an event listing, please click here, or if you have any questions you can email

Help us make Manchester Greater for Creative, Digital and Tech learning!

…I do swear by this quote;

‘Manchester has everything – apart from a beach’.

It is one of the most diverse places in the UK… There’s always something going on here.”

Aleena Sharif

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